Our Picks: Best golf club grips of 2023

Here are GOLF’s picks for the best grips we've seen all year.


Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

Check out GOLF’s picks for the best grips of 2023, which include the most durable and high-performing grips we’ve seen all year. Your whole golf game starts with the grip, so it’s important to select one that not only feels right to you, but is also suited to your style of play.

Which grips made our list of favorites this year? Read on to find out what we picked.

These are the best of the best!

Best GOLF CLUB grips 2023

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Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align

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Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align

Improve your game while resting your hands in comfort with these innovative grips from Golf Pride.

Available in both standard and mid-size, Golf Pride’s MCC Plus4 Align grips feature “ALIGN” technology, which combines a red raised ridge down the back of the grip and contrasting visual cues to help you ensure your clubface alignment and hand positioning are sound.

Composed of a moisture-wicking cotton cord upper and softer high-performance rubber lower, the grip promotes comfort and feel, while micro-texture adds control.

WINN Dri-Tac 2.0

WINN Dri-Tac 2.0

These sleek and stylish grips are available in four sizes.

The WINN Dri-Tac 2.0 comes in four sizes: standard, undersize, midsize and oversize.

Boasting improved feel and durability, you can expect medium firmness, high shock absorption and a moderate texture from these sleek and stylish grips.

Lamkin Sonar+

Lamkin Sonar+

Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are standout features on these grips.

Available is standard and midsize, Lamkin’s Sonar+ grips are packed with technology, including torsion control and push and pull support.

These grips offer mid-level softness, feedback and texture, with maximum tackiness. Lamkin’s “Fingerprint Technology” incorporates microtextures that sync with the skin of your hand, encouraging a lighter and more relaxed grip pressure.

SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 1.0

SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 1.0

The SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT Putter Grip merges a pistol-style top section that locks in the upper hand position with “No Taper Technology.”

The SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 1.0 features SuperStroke’s “Spyne Technology,” a heavily-embossed ridge along the underside of the grip that helps guide golfers to a repeatable hand placement. That repeatability makes it easier to square the face at impact, meaning you can enjoy a more consistent stroke, which in turn leads to more drained putts.

Additional features include surface texture with “X-Shaped” treads for enhanced feel, feedback and comfort, while “No Taper Technology” encourages lighter grip pressure with a unique parallel design to help quiet the hands during the stroke.

RipIt Grips

Showcase your personality with these unique and colorful grips. Thoughtfully engineered to assist in executing a flawless round.

RIPIT describes their product philosophy as gear for players who have a Sunday game passion and a Saturday night vibe.

Choose from an assortment of fun prints and styles while enjoying serious technology underneath, like perfectly-weighted engineering and a larger, lower diameter at the base of the grip with a relaxed taper from butt to tail-end to help soften your grip and increase your swing speed.

Garsen Quad Tour Putter Grip

With a flat topline and bottom, players can easily square up the putter face with complete consistency every time.

Garsen’s Quad Tour Putter Grip is available in tapered or non-tapered styles, and a unique trapezoid design. How can that benefit you? The shape turns your elbows into your body and sets your shoulders back, helping to relieve arm and shoulder tension and keep your wrist action at bay. The design also promotes shoulder rotation, give you a one-piece feel.

Additionally, a flat topline and bottom helps you to easily square the putter face every time.

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